What are the Duties of a Real Estate Agent?




According to the expert panel of the renowned Accrue estate agents, the main job of a real estate agent is that he is a licensed agent to aid the purchase of property or the sale of property in question. It has been found the majority of real estate agents are involved in the sales and listing of the residential property.



Listing property for sale value:


In Melbourne, the selling of a property is not an easy matter. A lot of research is conducted before the seller decides the selling price of the property. Similarly, the buyers try to gather all sorts of necessary information before shortlisting a property for purchase. This is where a real estate agent comes in, and helps to make the final deal for both the parties! When a house owner is finally confident about the sale of the property, he has to contact a real estate broker or a real estate agent to list the particular house on the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This particular database is distributed amongst the other real estate brokers, locally. Therefore, an active network is created to acquire a suitable buyer for this real estate property.



Duties of a Real Estate Agent:


a)     Deciding the value of the real estate property

b)     Listing the correct price of the real estate property

c)      Helping the house owner to prepare for a tour for possible clients

d)     Enter the real estate property on the Multiple Listing Service database.

e)     Advertise the house to local real estate brokers

f)       Advertising the house through various sorts of traditional media, like print

g)     Marketing the house on social networking sites for increased exposure

h)     Determine the visiting schedules of the property

i)       Supervise the clients’ visit to the property in question

j)       Provide the house owner with any feedback obtained from the possible buyers.

k)     Arranges a meeting between the two parties once a potential buyer is spotted.

l)       Aid the house seller in the transactions with the buyer for obtaining the price he had quoted for the property.

m)   Arrange for the signing of the deal on a document known as the purchase agreement.