What are the Bad Habits to Avoid for a Real Estate Agent?






Why is it Not Impossible to Taste Failure as a Real Estate Agent in Melbourne?


The job profile of a real estate agent requires him to have many qualities that need to be well maintained and updated from time to time. There is no room for laziness in the life of a successful real estate agent! He may even be required to work late nights and attend office on weekends. A lot of sacrifices in personal life are expected on order to achieve success and recognition in this field.


a)     If you intend to survive in this industry, you need to learn the act of prospecting for better options. We all might dread hearing the word “no” as an answer as we fear rejection. But, a real estate agent cannot afford to feel disappointed because of a mere “no”! It is his job to accept if things do not work out the way he planned, brush it off, search for new clients and get things back on track in minimum time. According to the expert panel of the Accrue estate agents, a beginner in the real estate industry must be able to work the luck in his own favour, rather than just wait for things to fall into place!

b)     The need to constantly follow-up is the topmost priority in real estate industry. Many times, an agent promises to call up his clients and provide the information he has obtained, but forgets to deliver them in time. This creates a negative impression and the clients regret their decision of hiring the particular agent for the task. They may actually reconsider the matter and decide to hire someone else!

c)      In the life of a real estate agent, there is no time to sit and sulk if things do not go according to the plan. When solid proposals go for a toss, it is time to move on and avoid getting stuck in the sense of loss and despair. A real estate has already enough on his plate to deal with a lost client or failed business.