Although real estate brokers can opt to receive undergraduate degrees connected to real estate and finance, it is advised that a high school diploma is the least educational requirement for this career field. Nevertheless, licensing guidelines in most states need the applicants to entire coursework related to real estate and finance. Real estate undergraduate courses include real estate appraisal, property management, real estate law, real estate investments, and property development. Numerous institutions also provide real estate certificate programs, some of which are related specifically to the real estate career field.

There are mixture of ways which one can choose to complete the real estate prelicensing education necessities, which include updates from live classroom locations at local real estate schools, a number of realty firms, universities and technical schools that present real estate licensing programs, home-study, and online real estate education.


The agent has to make sure that he/she is following the application process with their respective state so that they can sit for the real estate agent exam soon after they finish the real estate licensing classes. Every state wants real estate agents to be approved to make sure that customers are protected from fraud. In order to obtain this license, a real estate agent completes a written examination including query on property laws and real estate transactions. In Melbourne, it is required that the agents acquiring this license to complete maximum hours in real estate education. There are a number of courses available in most universities in Melbourne offering the best course that would enable a candidate to get into the property game which goes beyond the ways of ethical requirements and takes the potential candidate through best practice approaches to even owning their own agency after a couple of years.

To be licensed as a:

  • Salesperson: ┬áthe candidate will need to have achieved the National Certificate in Real Estate Level 4
  • Individual agent: he/she will need to have achieved the National Diploma in Real Estate Level 5 (Agent)
  • Real estate degrees come in four vital types: associate, bachelors, masters and doctorate. An associate degree usually takes around two years to complete. A bachelor's degree is a more intensive program that takes four years to complete. Master's and doctorate degrees are both awarded at the conclusion of post-graduate programs to give overview on real estate