Real Estate As a Career in Melbourne




The main attraction of working in the real estate arena is the fact that you get to control and steer your own career path. This is something we all desire in a job as a boring job results in an excessively dull, mundane life. A real estate agent looking forward to work with the giants in this industry like the team of Accrue estate agents, needs to possess a number of qualities as a part of his personal grooming. These qualities can be listed as the points stated below:


a)     Smart and well-behaved

b)     An attractive personality

c)      A fluent speaker who knows how to talk properly and convince the clients

d)     Knows how to deal with work pressure

e)     Knows crisis management

f)       Calm, outspoken with good mannerisms

g)     Good body language

h)     Enthusiastic and willing to work

i)       Determined and ambitious

j)       Self-motivated

k)     Able to meet deadlines

l)       Focussed on the career goals

m)   People-oriented and excel in personal interactions

n)     Loyal to his firm

o)     Contributes to his firm with smooth transactions.



Initially, an aspiring individual needs to work hard to gain the required practical experience with the guidance of a licensed estate agent. To become an agent’s representative one must finish a specialised real estate course of three study units and fulfil the standard criteria as per the Business Licensing Authority. The next level in the study of real estate business requires the candidate to enrol in another course that comprises of 21 study units. This is a detailed course that includes the various aspects related to this field of study. The good news is that this second course can be taken in conjunction to the first course on becoming an agent’s representative.


Once you become a licensed real estate agent, you are qualified to engage in multiple activities related to commercial and residential sales, management of property, auctioneering of property, management of commercial property, advocacy related to buyer or vendor and also acting as a business broker!