When one takes a short-term view of property price movements in Melbourne, one can get perplexed by the contradictory statistics which are present in reports. The apparent reality is that Melbourne’s building industry is short staffed to build the accommodation units per annum due to shortages of qualified tradesmen of all types and acute scarcity of suitably zoned land and the tiresome building permit process. The predictable consequence is that house and apartment prices will continue to rise over the next 2-3 years on a moderate scale. Homebuyers priced out of their favored area in the present market are in for good news as the buyers can purchase their dream home in a neighboring suburb for a portion of the price. Real estate agents can now formulate new moves to secure more businesses this way.


It has been noticed for a couple of months that there is a significant capital growth in what have always been these adjacent suburbs. Buyers are more and more looking for value and these original growth areas continue to offer that as well as first class amenities, the premium price tag will offer the buyers with more options and the real estate accrue agents in Melbourne will reap enormous benefits out of that. However the downside of the budget is that the real estate agents are studying the housing market very strongly as any signs of weakness in listing numbers­ and auction volumes construct and multiple the effect of weak results overall.

The professional promise of a real estate agent is to make sure that a seller and a buyer are brought together in an accord that provides each with a deal that is fair and reasonable. Unless the sale closes, no compensation is kept for them thus the motivation goes far. The diversity of brokerage business models in present day’s real estate industry of providing full and limited service, fee for service or other – gives the consumers a greater choice of options than ever. The importance of having help and guidance while getting the dreamhouse for the buyers is ensured by the real estate agents and their state issued license will represent the transaction which in today’s market trend is necessary to close quickly. Explaining the benefits to the homeowners and inclusions with the sale is important by the agents. In the real estate market scenario, the properties needs to be the one with accurate information so that the buyers can go towards their dream.