Being a real estate agent might just look glamorous however it isn’t in the long run. It has its share of ups and downs and in Melbourne there are many instances of it being debated over as career worthy. While there is certain rewards for helping someone get their dream home, there also comes a lot of pressure with the stakes being too high. In a competitive housing market, the pressure is undeniable but it is also satisfying if the candidate shows interest in the same.

One of the pros is that you can control your movement and your free time in the time of duty. There’s no desk or punch card. The main con however is that the time frame is quite unpredictable. Weekend open house tours are the worst when everybody else is off. Client entertainment can make weekends unbearable for any real estate agent.

As a real estate agent, the best feeling is to know the community inside out.  With specific knowledge like where the best schools are at or whether a newly listed house is sitting on a tremulous rocky area, it’s all about being a trusted advisor to the clients in need. The biggest con in this is to be entrusted with the life savings of the client. One wrong move and the client could end up losing thousands or if a deadline is missed for an inspection contingency your client could be obliged into buying that particular house.

One of the best things about being a real estate agent in Melbourne is that you can get to wear a lot of hats i.e. do many things that falls outside your purview. Real estate purchase and sales are often prompted by real life situations and obstacles such as divorce or legal battles.  It is an emotional decision for the clients; hence you need to be guiding counselor towards steering them in the right direction. You gain life skills, like multitasking and learning how to work with diverse personality types. But if clients panic then you can’t do the same, you need to keep a clear head. If you end up having a meltdown then this area is not right for you.


Having said this, real estate is a dynamic industry and in Melbourne the Accrue Estate Agents are looking for candidates who can adapt quickly to this changing market. So apply now!