The real estate scenario in Melbourne is quite glamorous and holds a lot of opportunities for growth hence for those looking for a lucrative career apply here. One of the best perks in this business is to look dapper in expensive suits, get fancy cars to drive around and do selling at high stakes thus the appeal is real. For many enthusiastic young individuals the real estate business does hold a certain high stake. However making it to the top in this business can be difficult if the individual does not possess the right amount of degree or knowledge associated with it. However working with the celebrated Accrue estate agents, will essentially secure the future for the candidates.

Becoming a real estate agent in Melbourne involves hard work, devotion and superior social skills. Some of the key duties are:

·         Respond to enquiries

·         Showing clients around various properties

·         Viewing many properties, taking pictures and measurements of the same

·         Putting a value on properties and listing them

·         discuss a price which is suitable for both the buyer and the seller

·         marketing and advertising properties for sale

·         using online media to market properties and communicate with clients about the different needs

·         showing the potential buyers and tenants around assets

·         assemble the legal side of property buying and selling

·         carrying out energy presentation appraisals

·         managing various rented properties and collecting the rent


To be a brilliant real estate agent, the candidates need to have the following skills:

  • outstanding spoken and written communication skills
  • strong sales and negotiation skills
  • the ability to mesh in and deal with people from different backgrounds
  • possess good business sense
  • avid interest in property market
  • good organizational skills
  • carrying a trustworthy and professional attitude with friendly fervor
  • good computer skills with basic knowledge of certain software
  • to work under pressure and to achieve sales targets

The gradual perks of the Real estate agents is expanding their service in different sectors like law firms, development industries, banks, government sector and academia.