How much can you earn as Real estate agents in Melbourne?




In Melbourne, the real estate agents are entitled to perform various activities, which depends on whether they are working for the buyer or the seller appoints them. When an agent is working for the seller, it is his duty to advise clients on the evaluation of the house and how to prepare it for sale. Intelligent agents also provide last-moment improvement tips that can help increase the real estate price and result in a speedy transaction. Their marketing strategy includes property listing services, real estate networking and advertisement campaigns. If an Agent is working for the buyer, he would be responsible for searching all available real estate properties that fit the buyer’s bill and wish list. Real estate agents may also research the past sale data to assist a potential buyer determine the best offer for a specific property. The Accrue estate agents in Melbourne are highly trained and experts in this field.



Ideally these are two distinct paths that you can pursue in your Real Estate career – Real Estate Sales or Property Management. If you see your future in Sales, it is recommended a Sales Personal Assistant role, where you would be supporting an already established agent. Alternatively you can opt for a Sales Cadet role, preferably with a renowned real estate agency, which is really a great place to start. However, if you want to get breakthrough in Property Management, the best place to start is an Assistant Property Management role or you may want to try a Leasing Consultant role. A common starting point for many Property Managers is the Reception. It is a more viable option if you are uncertain whether to go for Property Management or Sales appeals to you more. This role gives you an opportunity to get a complete overview of a Real Estate office. You can learn through spending time there and then smoothly progress into your desired role.


When you have obtained the Agents Representative Certificate and you feel to start your journey in the Real Estate world, you can trust the Accrue estate agents for guidance. The salary at the beginning is not much but maybe in a few years you can drive a Mercedes! The receptionists and the Assistant Property Managers at the fresher’s level usually start off between $33,000 – $35,000 and can sometimes be required to work on Saturdays (every 2nd or 3rd Saturday).