How Does a Real Estate Agent help the Buyer of a Property?




According to the expert team of Accrue estate agents in Melbourne, a real estate agent usually starts his career by working under the supervision of a real estate broker. A real estate broker generally owns a real estate firm or company and they are involved in the preparation of the necessary contracts and sealing the final deal. As per the laws of the State, in order to become a real estate broker one needs additional years of study and appropriate qualifications than a real estate agent. The real estate agents earn their income mainly through the commissions acquired during the buying and selling of a property. A percentage of this commission has to be shared with the real estate broker they are assigned to. In case of Realtors, both the real estate agents and real estate brokers can become one by joining as a member of the renowned National Association of Realtors.





Duties of a Real Estate Agent with respect to the Buyers of the Property:


a)     Though the duties of a real estate agent are divided between the buyer and seller, it is very difficult to handle on all occasions. During those transactions, the real estate agent usually has to choose a side and work accordingly. In Melbourne, the Accrue estate agents are highly trained and well experienced in dealing with such matters of importance.

b)     Help the buyers locate the houses for sale that suit their budget.

c)      Help the buyers to successfully secure a mortgage.

d)     Lend them sound advice on the market conditions, the locality and pricing of the property, etc.

e)     Help them engage in discussions with the seller of the property.

f)       Craft a purchase agreement for sealing the final deal.

g)     Coordinate with the buyer with relation to the process of transaction.

h)     Supervise the visits of inspection of the particular property.

i)       Prepare and deliver the necessary documents and insurance schemes.